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Электростимуляция на пенис для БДСМ-игр

Электростимуляция на пенис для БДСМ-игр

Код товара IXI56960
1 809 грн
Here at ATOMIC JOCK, we love a hot n’ heavy CBT scene but hate ruining the spontaneity of it all by having to fiddle with rigid plastic parts and over complicated electro setups.That’s why we created SHOCKLOCK, a simple rubbery electro chastity device that’s a snap to stretch over your boy’s leakin’ member...leaving more time n’ energy for the real fun…SHOCKLOCKcomes with a single pull electro contact point that easily slips into the base of the cage and rests on the head of your cock for some shockin’ results…. Place the contact point inside the tip of SHOCKLOCK, stuff your junk in, hook up your stim-unit, and watch your meat strain helplessly with every electrical surge on your locked up dicklet. Add some bondage and sensory deprivation into the mix for a real treat…blindfolded and bound tightly, he won’t know what’s wrapped around his cock until the zappin’ starts…And for you not so submissive pigs out there, SHOCKLOCKdoubles as the perfect packer to give your jockstrap that hefty pornstar bulge. NOTE: In order to create an electrical current,twoelectrodes (whether adhesive, aluminum, etc.) must be plugged into the same stim unit via the appropriate connectors. We recommend using JOLT, ZAP, VOLT, or another electro cockring or buttplug in addition to SHOCKLOCK to create a complete current. Made in CHINA…design copyright ATOMIC JOCK…PATENT PENDING 2015FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate freeLube safe: water-based, electrogel Stats (Approximate):CockcageTotal Length: 3.5"/ 8.89 cmCock Hole: 1" x 1.5"/ 2.54 cm x 3.81 cmBalls Hole: 1"/ 2.54 cm

Электро стимуляция asdasdsad

Описание категории Электро стимуляция

Производитель Bdsm4u
Материал Силикон
Пол Мужской
Страна производитель Китай
Тип интимной игрушки Набор Госпожи
Цвет Красный
Категория сексшопа Электростимуляция
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